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Sarasota Real Estate News Your Sarasota – Sept ’23 SEPT 7, 2023 Hello Friends, Please take a break from your day and enjoy  my latest Sarasota Newsletter! It’s full of the latest news and has something for everyone. If you, or someone you know, are considering the purchase or sale of Sarasota real estate, please contact me, and thank you for your referrals. Debbie […]
Sarasota Real Estate News Facts about the Sarasota Real Estate Market July 27, 2023 Hello Friends, In the ever-changing real estate landscape of Sarasota and Manatee, we are seeing a balance between slight upward and downward trends across most of the metrics we measure, leading to what many would call a stable market. Let’s face it, we live in a very desirable area, which translates to […]
Sarasota Real Estate News Sarasota Real Estate Update April 10, 2023 Hello Friends, The highest honor for a real estate professional is a returning or referred client. When people I’ve worked with recommend my services to others or want to change properties, there’s nothing more affirming than working with them again. One critical consideration to remember is that personalized service isn’t just what […]
Sarasota Real Estate News Blue Skies on the Sarasota Skyline Hello Friends, It’s the beginning of February and here in Sarasota there’s nothing but blue skies, warm temperatures, and it’s our happy season! This year started off just as hot as the previous two years with the lowest inventory numbers on record, and home value continues to increase. Our housing market has been on a […]
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